Monday, December 11, 2006

of weddings and funerals

The 2nd cousins on my dad's side don't get together too often anymore. Mostly for weddings and funerals. Today it's a funeral for my dad's aunt. She was 83, a good long life. Her husband passed away 2-3 years ago and she had been in a home for some time as her memory of who she was faded.

We went to the viewing last night. It was at the end when most of the praying had finished and most everyone was sitting around just talking. The youngest children were playing around the pews. Children find fun in most every occassion. Mostly we sat around getting to know each other again. We talked about the future and the present and joked about the past. About when the next gathering would be to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary and then again for my sister's wedding.

There were photo memory posters of auntie and uncle and their family. Alot of happy times. Alot of happy times. I was thought they were the cutest couple. They looked alike, same glasses, same tilt of the head, same smile. Both quiet and reserved people. Though I'm not sure how their youngest kid got to be so loud. hehe.

Sometimes it seems easier when it's the second spouse that has passed as we often imagine their partner waiting for them on the other side.

So we come together again to pray and to mourn. Rest in peace Auntie, say hi to uncle for us.

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