Friday, January 05, 2007

we're number 1

Down a player and 3/4 of the team getting through a cold, we still manage to all hit above our averages to win all 4 games last night, leaving us tied for first place going into the position round next week! It was actually quite remarkable since the other team was bowling well, but we stepped up to the challenge and bowled better. Even C who has an average of 83 ended the 3rd game with a 120. And T who did what I did a few weeks ago and hit a 499 series. Just before her last ball I calculated what she needed, as I turned around to tell C that T needed 8, her last ball hits and only gives her a 7. It only makes you hunger for more.

R who has been playing phenomenally commented last night, "if you had told me that this team was going to be tied for first place half way through the season, I wouldn't have believed you." But indeed we are. At the beginning of the season we would just tank in the last frames and fall apart, but now most of us are consistently hitting our spares, which makes all the difference.

Next week is position round which means we play the other top team, who has held that mark for numerous weeks now, the dour team we played a few weeks ago. They are a rather balanced team with all players averaging 170-180 which means they can jump to 220-230 for any given game. Some of the other teams are hoping we can win next week. We too are a team that has multiple players who can break away. It looks like the other team has been on a losing streak for a few weeks now. They lost three games last night. And for us to win, we'll have to make sure we win the first two with strong finishes.

Last night too was an exciting night for bowling in the league across from us, the 800s. Two bowlers were looking for a 300 game. And when someone is hitting a streak, the buzz makes its way around the floor, so we all started turning around to watch. First bowler in the 10th frame, hits an 8 and even misses the spare to end with a 257. By the time the 2nd bowler looking for a 300 came to the line, most of our side had stopped to watch. I wondered if he felt any pressure, if he had hit a 300 before or if this would be his first time, or if he could hear the stillness growing in the alleys or feel the eyes awaiting what his next ball would do. We watched the ball roll, hook, and into the pins missing the pocket for 8, as the crowd sighed in unison. I didn't see what he bowled after that. At most he could have gotten a 278. Which just shows how elusive a 300 game can be and how easily an open frame can make a 20 point difference in scoring.

Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with Fenton's and shared their special of a sundae of apple pie, chocolate chip, cookies and cream ice creams, on top of chocolate chip cookies, topped with caramel and hot fudge. One of their best special combinations they've had so far with proceeds going to the Alameda Food Bank. Yummy!

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