Thursday, February 01, 2007

I love my bum

I've been using my BumBakPack for a couple of weeks now and I really love it! It's one of the best backpacks I've used. Usually when I wear a backpack or a messenger bag then take it off, I feel like I have to uncrumple myself, open up the shoulders again, try to stand up straight. But with this bag, there is no change. No posture to change.

Part of how it does this is the way the bag sits closer to your bum or just above your bum and weight of the bag pulls straight down on the shoulders, so the weight is carried by the structure of your posture. Even with two laptops in it, I only have to lean forward slightly from the hips as opposed to the curving the middle of the back for backpacks.

The pockets are large and organized. So much so that I can put all my cables, harddrives, cds, away and leave the large pack with nothing in it. And not filled with all sorts of small stuff that get lost in the cavernous bowels.

The bag weight about 10 pounds with the laptop and stuff and I do at times a couple of miles of walking a day if it's a busy day. You can feel the weight of the bag transmit solidly to your feet.

The laptop sits in a zippered pocket that makes it easy to put in and pull out of. A nice design feature if you travel through airports. And the added bum pads on the back and the straps keep it from bouncing too much off your body like most messenger bags.

So if you're looking for an ergonomic backpack that has a bit more style than a backpack, I give thumbs up to this one.

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