Friday, February 09, 2007

what can you do?

Split the first two games and got blown out in the third when their anchor hit 215. Can't say we didn't try. We played the beer drinker team. You'd think the older guys would be the ones downing beers at the bowling alley, but it's actually the young team of guys going through a few pitchers of beers. Oh well. My average keeps creeping up, now at 135. I finally got my 160 and 180 patches from December along with a 500 series pin! whoo-hoo! Still hunting for that 200 patch this season.

Tricky lanes last night and had to use two different balls, one for each of the lanes with their different oil conditions. I even had to abandon my PBA curve to roll the right side lines and tight rope the gutter a bit. I thought I'd be able to fill in a few more spares to get about the 150s in the first two games, but my spare shooting fell apart. I redeemed myself a bit by going out strong with 29 points in the last frame.

You know I must have bowling on my mind, because in the last part of the project management training at work we were discussing time management, and when he was describing how interruptions eat up your day, all I could see was a bowling score sheet with strikes and open frames. lol! He was demonstrating how reducing interruptions makes you more efficient through a day because of how interruptions not only interrupt your time but also interrupt your mind's focus, so you end up spending all this time focusing and refocusing to switch topics. I kept seeing how the interruptions were like open frames that kill the momentum of your score. In one game I had a 157 with 3 open frames, but it makes a difference where those opens are located. If you can group them in the beginning and create a longer string of marks then your score is higher despite the three opens. I've gotten good at stringing three marks together, now I need to look to string four and five marks together.

Next week is an off week as I rotate out for other players. I know I'll really want to play, but it's probably better for my back. And I can work on stuff at home without distraction.

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