Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Est-ce-que vous ette pret? Non pas.

The luggage is out. The checklist is made. And there's barely a pack of underwear in the luggage yet. Pour quoi? Parce que. I have no idea what the weather will be like. My friend in London has been giving me weekly updates on the weather. Last week it was lovely, she said pack some scarf or light winter jacket. But then this week it's been freezing with rain and snow in the north. And as I check the weather again, it looks like by the time we get there the weather will be in the mid-50s, 60s.

Jeans are good any weather. Tank tops can be worn in heat and a layer in the cold. We need one nice outfit for fine dining, plus shoes. A couple of turtlenecks and a scarf for the evenings. One sweatshirt. Pajamas. A winter cap and a rain cap. A versatile outer jacket. And a summery outfit just in case.

As much as we'd like to just bring one luggage, this need to pack for all sorts of weather may leave us needing to bring a second one. When we went to Canada we ended up packing two luggages for just a weeks stay mostly because of the bulky layers we had to bring.

At the luggage travel store we picked up an electricity adaptor. While most of our electronics already convert to the different voltages and would only need a plug, we thought it best to just buy the adaptor as it is something we could use for years to come. And it's a nice thing to have especially in Asia.

We also picked up a crushable duffle bag and a luggage scale. Got nailed in Edmonton by the books we brought to read on vacation (dang! paper is heavy). The scale is just a spring hook. Thus the spare duffle bag to stash clothes and shoes in if we indeed need to balance out the weight distribution of our luggage.

So I probably won't get into packing packing til Friday when we do our final loads of laundry. I don't really worry about packing when we travel to major cities. It's easy to pick up just about anything you might have forgotten.

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