Saturday, March 24, 2007

we'll take you AND your family with us to europe

One of the hubby's students asks him, "Would you take me and my family with you to Europe and take us everywhere you go?"

Hubby looks at them quizzically with the "hell no" eyebrow curl.

Then she hands him their picture. "Could you hold this up and take a picture of us next to London Bridge and the Eiffel Tower?"

Hubby's face calms, takes the photo, "oh, ok."

I think this student is absolutely brilliant! So many people talk about how they want to do this and that but can't, don't have the money, don't have the time. OK so you don't, but how could you get a few seconds of the feeling that you do. How could you get one step closer to that dream of going? And this student said, you know, I'm going. And perhaps someday, she'll actually get a chance to take her family to Europe because, well, she already has.

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EILEEN said...

Why don't you bring your book with you and take photos of your book traveling throughout Europe?

Hey -- take mine too!

have a great time!