Friday, April 20, 2007

50 years of marriage

Working on a video presentation for my dad's aunt's 50th wedding anniversary. I was kind of panicked earlier in the week not sure if it would all come together. Had to skip out on bowling last night. But it's shaping up. One of the more complex videos I've done in a while combining interviews we've done, music, and photos. Striking a balance between humor, seriousness, and fun. It's about 30 minutes, so I'm hoping to cut and paste between live interviews, change of music, and pictures.

Unfortunately my version of iMovie is crapping out on doing some of the panning effects. But as of last night, I believe I just have to tweak the soundtrack, then burn it to dvd. Home stretch!

Been having a few discussions with friends about committment and responsibility. And how my generation views those things so differently from say our aunt's generation where half a dozen of their friends are reaching this milestone, while my generation will be lucky to hit even half that.

The repeating themes are God, and balancing each other out, where one is weak the other is strong and vice versa, and oh, don't be mean. And if you're both mad, then wait til you aren't before you resolve the differences.

Anyway, they set quite an example.

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