Tuesday, April 10, 2007

why european men are sexy

Part of the reason European men are sexy is that men's fashion in Europe blows away anything found in the US! OK, if you knew the right stores here, you might be able to find some good stuff, but in Europe in the Metro areas there is one on every other corner.

The hubby is looking to upgrade his busines warddrobe, so we ended up looking at a men's clothing store in France with Italian suits. In the US, it's almost implied that the "good" dressers are all gay men, and that's just sad, but it really holds back men. I mean, why would I as a hetero woman want to think that all hetero men are bad dressers? .

Our cousin's husband said he hated American clothes, when he lived in San Diego he had to dress like a beach bum or dress in the 3 colors that Banana Republic sells.

Everywhere we went it was a delight to see the color and pattern combinations they wore in their suits and ties. Part of the reason women like men in uniform is because those uniforms are cut and fitted to the men who wear them. The military wants their people to look good, not shabby.

In London the color was hot pink with nice bold colors that stood out that made you turn your head and look.

A friend of mine who works at home has decided to make sure to dress up for work at least twice a week. He finds that he does get more looks, but then he admits that dressing better than most men is not that hard.

But that's the irony isn't it, women like men who dress well, but the societal image of a good male dresser implies that he's unavailable which would apply to the hubby. But it makes me sad for single guys, it just puts them between a rock and a hard place.

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