Friday, May 18, 2007

last game of the season

Finally, finally, we've come to the end of Winter League. Yeah, I know it's spring but yeah, it's still winter some place else in the US. It was a rough 3 games as we played for the bottom of the rankings. The team we played with was fun. They brought their 5 month baby girl who is a darling.

I had my lowest pin count in three months, only scoring 403 pins over three games and hitting my average once. Oh well.

Next week is Sweeps, otherwise known as money week as the money we've been puting into the games essentially gets distributed as prize money. Everyone gets a little something something. And I think my sister and I will get prizes for 3rd and 2nd place respectively for the season high handicap series and games.

It was a fun season overall. I rolled a 222, learned how to throw a curve. People tell me I have a really consistent release, I just have to learn to tweak it to get into the strike zone. Maybe I'll learn to do that more for summer league. We're not sure if we'll roll for next Winter League as we hope to be busy with other priorities in our lives. But definitely bowling is not just a passing hobby.

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