Thursday, May 24, 2007

last place is the best!

Sweeps is when all the season awards go out as well as prizes for scoring high these last three games. The team stuff is done.

We entered sweeps week as a team on the very bottom, 10th out of 10 teams. But we each walked away with a prize! we might not have won as a team, but we find a way to win in some way! It was GREAT!

They don't give trophies anymore for the team finishes. They dole out the prize money based on the number of games each team won and each person participated in. So even in 10th place, a few of us walked away with about $100 each. That was guaranteed.

We finished bowling and the hubby was like, "should we go now?" and I'm like, no, we have to wait for the envelopes.

My sister and I scored high handicap series and high game scratch awards, respectively.

Here's the pin for my 222:

And and and...I also got the award I had set my sights on way back in September, the Most Improved Women's Average, I went from a 122 to a 139, 17 pins! That's huge! 17 pins is a good spare every game! I'm really proud of this award and I can't wait to find a place to sew it on my jersey!

Another member of our team won the high scratch series for men which was great!

Then they called out the awards for sweeps. I didn't do so well today, but my sister finished in the top 4 women and the hubby finished 7th amongst the men for their handicap series. The other two guys on the team got 4th and 5th place as well. Coach beat out R, who averages 197, by 1 pin in the series.

The other teams were saying it was rigged as each of us kept going up there. When I followed my sister for an award, we said it was genetic, bowling in the blood.

We'll be playing summer league with our dad, but last week we didn't think we wanted to play through winter league again, but after today, we're thinking maybe it won't be so bad.

In any case it was a great way to end our whole year of bowling. We started out with just plastic balls and just prayed the ball stayed on the lanes, and now we're curving them, wearing wrist supports, have 2 or 3 balls each and learning the subtle changes of the game play. We've come a long long way!

Some people don't think bowling is much of a sport considering the stereotypical bowler in people's mind's is some overweight person in bad health, but hey, I've seen a bunch of martial artists who were just as overweight and in bad health. It certainly is a game of skill, and a game that requires one to be physically healthy to play. Most of the people we play with play in 2 to 3 leagues a week! That in and of itself takes a great deal of mental and physical stamina. We barely thought we could get through the year. But we're glad we did.

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