Friday, May 04, 2007

spread the joy

We played the grumpy team last night and yet we played as a team some our best bowling ever. The hubby decided to control the mood of the game and go happy, and I mean ridiculously happy with tons of hi fives, handshakes and compliments to go around and boy was it contagious. Hell, they were even cheering for us for a while.

I was one spare away from hitting 200 again on the first game and settled for a 181, then dropped to a 128 then came back in the third game with a 183. Although the other team was not at a super top form they were at least bowling their averages if not better, so it was a competitive game.

We lost the first game by 4 pins, won the 2nd with 21, lost the third game but won overall pins by a single pin! Talk about having every pin count! It was a nailbiter and alot of fun!

There are only 2 more weeks of bowling left then a week off with the summer league starting up at the end of May.

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