Thursday, June 14, 2007

Heritage Clone Petite Syrah

I'm going to rave about Rosenblum Petite Syrah Heritage Clones. This is actually the wine we just purchased 6 cases of for my sister's wedding. They are now sitting in my garage storage to make sure the wine doesn't disappear in advance of the nuptials. And it would, because the wine is that good. I had it a couple of weeks ago doing a tasting at Rosenblum, then again today at a retirement celebration.

Priced at $18 a bottle, it's a wine you don't have to wait for, just uncork and serve. Rich berry, spice, good structure and nice full flavor through to the back of the throat. It was lovely with the Duck Confit and spinach salad at Le Rose Bistro.

I did also have the Cuvee Blanc, that while buttery, crisp, and delicious by itself, it just didn't work with the duck.

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