Wednesday, June 27, 2007

on the menu

Every 7 weeks I get a new wire for my braces to shift my teeth some more. Each time they put in a larger grade (ie thicker, springier) wire. It's no wonder people with braces lose weight, every 7 weeks you're back on a liquid diet as your teeth are sore from the shifting. You know it's bad when McDonald's is too "hard".

Thus on the tonight's menu is breakfast for dinner:
blueberry pancakes (first time I made them from scratch and not from bisquick)
scrambled eggs

The pancakes turned out really well and surprisingly easy to make from scratch. Why did I ever need bisquick? I mean how much time does it really save me? In reality, not much considering I can use the same ingredients to cook more than just pancakes and biscuits. D'uh!

Scrambled eggs, I didn't quite get the proper technique of pushing and lifting in the pan and they became slightly overcooked. I'm striving for that nice creamy but not chewy scrambled eggs, but perhaps I need half and half according to one cookbook.

I've been quite inspired from the successful strawberry cheesecake from a few weeks ago and now that the seal has been broken on the mixer, I feel like I should bring it out more often. Nice part is that decent baking pans don't cost an arm and a leg like decent pots and pans. My only issue is counter space.

Next up, I'd like to try my hand at making bread without the breadmaker appliance. Seems ambitious, but we'll see.

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