Saturday, July 21, 2007

fun but creepy

I rented Rayman's Raving Rabbids along with Madden 07 for the wii the other day.

Rayman's Raving Rabbids is about a woodpecker type creature that is kidnapped by gladitorial bunnies. These are not your cute cuddly Japanese anime bunnies, these are your ooh psycho creepy bunnies. Your frog friends have been kidnapped. In order to save them you must pass various tests (mini games), like a dance dance revolution type game, jumping rope, drawing outlines of food, and the like. After the four tests, you may go out and "hunt wabbits" as Elmer Fudd would say with plungers as the weapon of choice. You are placed in a Roman Coliseum type setting and hang out in a dungeon underneath while waiting for the tests. There, hundreds of rabbids cheer and jeer while holding various farm implementation type tools.

I like the mini-games which are entertaining and amusing. I like this kind of stuff. But the appearance of the rabbids eventually irk me. They're kind of scary. Your character seems to take on a well, you gotta do what you gotta do attitude to save his frog friends. So I don't know if I'd buy this one either. Though it was a good rental.

Madden 07 was pretty cool. The game play on the wii is interesting. There is a tutorial to learn how to do stuff and you can go into practice mode and practice all the different kinds of plays possible. I haven't gone into regular season as I'm still trying to learn the movements. I can see if you really love football, like you like to study plays and defenses, you'd love Madden no matter what the console. I'd say for a sports fan it's really entertaining, and for someone like me who likes football but doesn't necessarily love football, it's a pretty good game. Though it wouldn't be something I would play all the time over and over again.

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