Wednesday, July 11, 2007

on the menu

On the menu tonight: chicken salad

Defrosted 3 chicken breasts, boiled it with the juice from the canned pineapples, chopped up celery and grated carrots and pineapple. I put a touch more mayonnaise than i would have liked, but I can mix in some pasta later to balance it out.

I took the leftover water and pineapple juice and boiled a bunch of bowtie pasta and made a slightly sweet soup that was balanced nicely by a few spoons of patis.

I tried making some apricot cobbler the other day, and thought I could get away with not adding sugar to the apricots which are tree ripened from my parent's backyard tree, but alas, it needs sugar though the biscuit topping turned out well. It could use some whip cream. It kind of tasted like apricot rollup. Hmmm...I'll have to try that again.

Saturday there will be quite a bit on the menu, including the hubby's tritip bbq and a chance for me to learn how to make puto (the bisquick way).

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