Monday, August 27, 2007

best list from this weekend

Best they'll take all the stuff you want to dump and sweep too - 1-800-GotJunk, quick, professional, and they sweep up to make it look like they and your crap were never there!

Best yumminess food created at a buffet - Alaskan snow crabs sauteed with butter, garlic, tomatos, cilantro, green onions

Best post out all night partying drink - Gatorade to keep hydrated and get your salts rebalanced if not your equilibrium

Best pair of heels I ever had - a pair of gray strappy heels from Ross that had plastic to hold the straps in place so it held form for a good 7 hours and never once cut into my feet

Best place to party if you know every word to every song in VH1's Best of the 80s - Polyester's at the Stratosphere, the 80s section was the happening floor, the 90s music sucked, the Present was ok, and the 70s was full of people that thought the light up grid dancefloor is used to designate their own personal space (sucky). But another bonus, they had this lit board of the Brady Bunch where you could insert yourself in as the Alice position and take a picture.

Best drivers for a group of partying drinking cousins - Long Term Boyfriends (who are dating cousins), the ones especially who have gone out for a long while and are now hoping to score brownie points and approval from the rest of family, as in, beginning the servitude portion of their dowry commitment

Best place to shop within reasonable budgets in vegas - Las Vegas Outlet on Warm Springs and Las Vegas Blvd: scored a dark blue formal dress, a super cute party dress, and a just right size silver party purse.

Best flight to vegas if you have no more sick or vacation time left and want to maximize your weekend - Aloha Airlines who red eyes on Friday evening and gets you back to the bay by 7:30a, in time to make it to work by 9.

Best cheapest place for family fun - Bowling Alley at South Point casino, 64 lanes, $2.90 per game, plus cheap food.

Best counter servicepeople for a rental car agency - Thrifty Rent a Car. They had the most patient service people even though their company policies force them to create a line of disgruntled clients because they had to take people in their "club" first before anyone else because the special club line is closed after midnight.

Best arty nouveau burlesque - Crazy Horse, Paris at the MGM. What they do with lights is amazing. Not overtly sexual like Zumanity, but a show that really does something more to the senses than just having topless women. So sexy and sensual, you just don't realize how much til after it's over. Plus the women and (we think one man) came in all forms and breast sizes (au natural or enhanced). The French do appreciate the woman's body in all forms. Show also includes some comedic interludes with a card trick magician and a very funny midget Michael Jackson puppet show.

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