Thursday, August 30, 2007


Tonight was the last night of summer league which meant sweeps night when all five of us got to play because it's for individual prizes now.

We didn't make it into tonight's prize money, but we did steal the very last spot to the tournament, so that's good for me!

Personally, my run to a 600 game held up to win highest handicap series for women, and surprise surprise, got me yet another "Most Improved" patch for women having upped my game another 15 pins. I'm not exactly sure how they calculate that, but it was fun to get. I was surprised to have won it. It brings the patch total to 7 and 2 pins. Yay!

This summer had some of the highest rolling men and women I'd seen. There were often murmurs of "sandbagging," the act of purposefully dropping your scores so your average stays low. It's hard to prove necessarily as it's easy to get a bad night. Often folks travel to another bowling alley during the summer than their regular winter league for a change of pace. But there's about 20 of us who just bowl at Albany.

I wonder if I can up my game again. This past year we went from never bowling to being contenders. I'm starting to understand the subtler control of the ball release and finding the pocket more and more, going on strike runs more often. Learning to adjust my game as we go along.

We'll have to miss the first week of winter league as we are all rather preoccupied with upcoming nuptials.

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