Friday, August 10, 2007

moving on up

We're smack dab in the low middle of the bowling pack with just 3 weeks to go. Fortunately we've been winning 3 out of 4 these past couple of weeks which means we should be climbing up. We just need to make the top 50% to get to the post league tournament. I think we can still make it. We're good at coming back.

Last night, also received my patch for 140 pins over series average, probably for that night I was shooting for 600. I haven't yet finished sewing all the other patches on my bowling jersey.

In any case, the hubby was fiending for donuts and specifically Krispy Kreme donuts. We learned from the other team that the lemon filled donuts, which were her favorite, are not available in Pinole, only in Union City. Not being lemon filled fans we proceeded to Pinole where they were closed! at 9:40p at night! humph. So we trekked to Union City where things are open 24 hrs like the Jollibee drive thru there. The red light wasn't on, but no matter. The glazed donuts had so much glaze they were white. Fortunately, the filled and cake donuts were nicely balanced.

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