Friday, September 21, 2007

strip down

My SIL tells me that the two latest things the twins like to do are play ring-around-the-rosy ala the kids on the Barney DVDs. Of course the next question is what happens when they spin out of balance and go crashing into things. But that's why they have those gel toy ice packs.

The 2nd thing they like to do the second they get home is just strip down to nothing and go running around the house. To which my mother replies, oh, you should take a picture of that! You know to include in various debut and/or wedding photo montages in the future.

It reminds me of Leny's grandson who likes to frolic in the bare as well.

But the twins have just turned 2 so there's no talking to or discussions about why we shouldn't be naked. And I think in terms of toddlers, it's different for girls than boys, or that we react differently. Girls fall into that cherubim image in paintings. On summer days there are like a dozen naked toddlers splashing in a fountain at the park, though the parents try to keep their diapers on at least. I'm not sure about letting our kids ever to do that, and that's more about me living in Oakland and my experiences at public parks.

There are lots of reasons not to go around completely nude in public like protection from the elements. But certainly brings up the point that the offensiveness of nudity is one that is learned based on the values of the given society. And the need to cover up is our reaction to their reaction and in part the need for the other's approval.

In the Philippines, most of he toddlers are half dressed simply from lack of available clothing, but even then there isn't this shameful reaction (that comes much later in their lives in other ways).

I'm not sure what we'll say to them when they're three, but by then they'll probably be into playing dress up, so dressing down might not be much of an issue.

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