Monday, September 10, 2007

whirlwind wedding weekend

My sister got married on Saturday. Beautiful bride, wonderful party, it was a blast! I loved my own wedding, but it makes me appreciate other people's weddings even more.

The MC, George Elizade, was great as ever! A fun fun guy who keeps the party rolling, sings really well, and makes sure to dance with all the women. At the end he told my husband, "Your family is great! You just set the atmosphere and they join in!" No group of fuddy duddies here!

My role in this wedding was as one of the bridesmaid's put it, to ensure everything went well in the background. I wasn't the main coordinator, which was my hardworking cousin, I was 2nd tier liaison. The person who as a representative of the family gives approval to the cupcake lady that all is well, the one who instructed cousins to go buy extra pins for the money dance, and politely but firmly requests people to take their places.

Since they were at the same hotel we had had our reception, it was a nice flashback for us, but better because we got to enjoy ourselves and socialize. Well I got to socialize, the hubby and bayao were the hired photographers for the night, but they enjoyed themselves too and shot up the night away. If there wasn't a person they didn't get a picture of, it's because they were hiding.

And while we all rest our feet, and blearily get through work today, while the euphoric memories of the weekend settle in, it's also time to plan the next thing.

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