Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One step at a time

The campus has a new get fit walking program and is handing out pedometers for free. They even have a website you can go to to log all the steps and miles you've taken. Plus if you do other activities you can list them as steps and add that to your activity list.

The work I do makes us a bit of a nomad in that we travel back and forth between client offices as far away as downtown Oakland so we naturally do alot of walking. But now with the pedometer I can find out just how far that means.

At one client in a big warehouse I clocked 0.65 miles just walking back and forth between the areas. On a typical day I might walk about a mile and that includes carrying a backpack with a 4lb laptop and other necessities.

I used to go to a water exercise class in a private women's pool on campus twice a week, but for various reasons I haven't been able to make it there for nearly a year, in and out of being sick, increased work duties, etc. But those are just excuses. I'm getting closer to getting back to that class. I've brought my swim gear to my office, so I can't say I didn't bring my stuff. And now I'm working on clearing out time during that lunch hour to be on campus. It doesn't mean that I'll make it there, but at least now I can see it and choose to use that time or not.

I bought a pedometer last year, but gave it to the hubby to use. It was too big and kept falling off my waist. But certainly the new log website gives me incentive, plus if you tally up so many steps then you get prizes like a water bottle and stuff. Nothing big or fancy, but still fun to get.

Today was busy, my feet are a bit sore. I've walked over a mile and a half today and the day isn't over. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all adds up.

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