Wednesday, October 24, 2007

terrifying but not really dangerous

So balut was ranked number one on that site for the top 6 Most Terrifying foods around the world.

Frankly, I found the other ranked foods more terrifying as not only did they look bad, health wise some of them were quite dangerous to one's health either through the collection of them or just in the process of it. Balut, at least, is neither dangerous to eat (except for your cholesterol) nor to make.

Sheep's head is probably ok, except for the brain part, which I'm sure people eat, as that could potential evoke Mad Cow disease equivalent in humans if you don't know what that sheep was fed.

Frankly I would have made the Italian fly maggot cheese number 1, but then my priority is ranking based on danger as terrifying is more of an opinion. And it seems the top two, the sheep's head and balut were ranked based on an American standard that Americans don't like their food staring back at them. Explains why the mice wine was ranked lower.

But then again, people like danger (blowfish anyone?). And humans survived in this world going around and figuring out what they could eat and what they couldn't. (Thank you to the millions of humans that didn't survive the various food trials over the evolutionary periods. We learned much from you).

so if you had a terrifying food list, what would be on it?

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