Thursday, December 20, 2007


Seven more days til my birthday! A friend called asking what I was doing for my birthday and frankly I hadn't thought that far ahead.

After chatting with the hubby as to what is in store, going to spend it rather quietly this year. Hubby and I will head to dinner at Fleur de Lys. A bit of a raincheck dinner from our anniversary that will double-up as a birthday dinner.

I had been thinking of having a party in between the holidays, but decided to just lounge around, going against my Capricorn nature of almost overscheduling. Not like we're lacking for parties. Maybe we'll make it into a summer swim party instead.

We shopped at Whole Foods yesterday for ingredients for paella that the hubby wants to cook for Noche Buena at his sister's. We'll try cooking it on Friday night so we're not rushing. Though we still need squid ink for the black squid rice ala Spain. Saturday we have dinner with friends at their house. Sunday, I'll wrap gifts. Christmas will be at mom's. Not sure what I'm cooking for that yet.

We ordered our holiday cards late, but that's why they're holiday cards! Well, more like New Year's cards now.

This is one of the first years where Christmas just came out of nowhere. Or at least that's what it feels like. I'm looking forward to the break since the new year I'll be off and running.

Somewhere in there will be a 1 year old party and then New Year's at the SIL's when the BIL comes o town. Fun times ahead!

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