Saturday, January 05, 2008

eagle eyes

I went in for my annual eye exam. I only started doing these last year. I'm blessed with good genetics in that my parents didn't really need glasses til they hit their 50s. Last year, since I was so focused on health and making sure I was making good use of all the medical insurance and benefits that my employment provides, I went in for an eye exam at the UC Optometry clinic. Alot of my coworkers who wear glasses really loved the service there, so that's where I went.

Last year, the Optometry clinic student said I had the signs of sun damage, so I bought a pair of sunglasses, and I mean real sunglasses. Unlike going into a store to buy them, they made sure those things fit on my face and you know how hard it is to fit glasses on an Asian nose. So ever since then, I've been hooked on their service.

Today's service went quite well also. Nice guy, good interaction, good clear instructions on where to look. They test just about everything from peripheral view, eye pressure for glaucoma, and of course stare at the front and back of my eyes.

Turns out I have 20/15 vision, probably no as good as an eagle that has something like 20/2 vision, but slightly better than the norm. The hubby is rather astonished at how I can pinpoint signs from quite a distance. I'm a touch farsighted, though at this point that doesn't mean much since I would also assume that perfect vision is a rather rare thing. He said probably as the years go by I'll be pulling the paper farther and farther away from my face.

I'm actually surprised I managed to get through it so well considering I had not had much sleep the night before. The peripheral test was kind of tricky as they had just put the dilating drops in my eyes and I noticed how the screen would blank out as my eyes were adjusting.

When the Attending came in to check the back of my eye as well to verify the student's findings, I could hear them talk jargon and numbers about what to record. The Attending says that bothers some people, but I didn't really care, they're just numbers until they give me an explanation for them. She told me that the numbers were all in a good range and that was fine by me.

Tthey gave me a pair of the plastic wrap around shades but said it probably wasn't necessary on a cloudy day. I wore them for a half hour and then put them away since the sun wasn't going to come out any time soon.

It'll be interesting when we have kids, what kind of vision that they'll get. In the hubby's family, he hasn't been able to see much of anything since he was 5 and his brother has perfect vision and only needed reading glasses once he got into his 40s. Go figure.

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