Sunday, January 20, 2008

got to get a copy

I had a meeting with my director the other day. As we chatted about how I was doing in my new acting role, we also discussed how I was transitioning out of my old work. She immediately pointed to what looked to be a copy of a magazine article. I couldn't read it from where I was sitting, but she said it was some sort of "list on how not to fail".

On the list was "don't take your old job with you."

This is a tricky thing when you stay with the same employer and especially tricky at the university as often when you leave one post it's not like they are quick to fill your old position.

The "don't take your old job with you" would seem an obviously thing to do. When you take on a new job that has a learning curve and added duties, why hang on to your old job duties and basically do two jobs. But logic often doesn't get implemented in reality.

I think at the next meeting, I'll ask her for a copy of that list. I'd like to know what else is on there.

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