Sunday, February 17, 2008

on the menu

I cleared out several posts that I had written then decided I didn't want to post. I've been finicky lately. I've been on facebook for the most part. A friend asks me if I have privacy issues with facebook. Frankly, I don't because I try not to post anything that I really don't want out there in the first place or that people don't already know anyway. And really, can you really trust a company whose sole purpose is to make public information about you, that you yourself post? That's just silly.

Anyway, it's Sunday and Sunday is the day we both clear out the fridge of our lovely science experiments and cook a bit of a feast.

So, on the menu:

lamb roast (not sure what herbs the hubby stuck in it today)
roasted red potatoes and carrots
sweet pepper jelly
sauteed spinach with garlic and feta
caramelized onions
mushrooms with thyme and garlic (white and mini portabella mushrooms)

We'll probably open a bottle of wine too, not sure which one yet.

Tomorrow I get a day off and will probably spend the day vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. Seems rather tedious or dull, but a day without work is always a nice day.

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