Monday, March 31, 2008

Change o' plans

A last minute change of plans has left my trip south for another time. Nevertheless, it wasn't a reason to cancel my vacation from work. So I'm going to tourist around here for the week. Fortunately late last week I was inundated by people giving me recommendations to their favorite restaurants, so I'll be restaurant hopping this week.

Friday hitchhiked a ride from my sister to the City and pasyaled (window shopped) around Bloomingdale's, ate a very yummy Cookie Crunch Beard Papa with Strawberry filling. Afterwards, came back to the east bay and ate at Sea Salt for there $1 oyster happy hour which is 4-6p every day! My sister and I slurped through a couple of dozen.

Saturday visited the sister-in-law and family which was an excuse to visit what some bowling buddies called their favorite Filipino restaurant Kuya's Asian Cuisine in San Bruno. It's quite good I have to say. We believe the cook came from years of working at Ong Pin. The Kare-kare had a nice thick sauce and the boneless bangus sisig was delicious! The tortang talong was huge and yummy!

Today I had lunch with the hubby at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe in Emeryville. I had always driven by and it was almost always packed. We got in just before the noon rush. Americana food so I had the chicken fried steak and the hubby had the pulled chicken sandwich which was a bit dry. They're open til 1am which is great since there are so few late night options. They have some crazy alcoholic concoctions like Guiness Stout with a shot of expresso. They serve some good beers and wines including Guiness Stout on tap. The place has that kitchy road house kind of appeal with a row of barbie-esque dolls properly kitchified on display wearing the baby blue bowling jersey and a pin that say's Rudy.

Afterwards, went shopping at Bay St, which was nice, no crowds, lots of parking. I go a couple of winter season close out items and a facial scrub from Sephora.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow or the next day. But it's been a long time since I've done a vacation at home and not because I had to go somewhere or do something. I've got a whole lot of nothing this week which is fine by me!

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