Wednesday, March 12, 2008

new spaces, new places, new faces

Can you feel the year of the rat really kicking into gear?
I see it all over the place as people take steps to their new lives, new phases.

I managed to find a new space to teach Kali. Cheaper than my "fill-in/temp" space. It's shared with a couple of other martial arts groups. Narrow but long, so nice amount of space to do stuff. And lucky me, Tuhan decided to drop by to check it out as well. I no longer worry about him visiting as if the health inspector was coming to check my restaurant. But it does give me a chance to understand the differences in the way I teach and the way he teaches. It's a way for me to easily compare and contrast the direction and choices I've been making in teaching and in training.

I'm excited about the new space. It's different from the previous places I've taught at not only in shape but in energy as well. I'm looking forward to the things that will open up for me there.

Looks like travel is coming into my life again. I'm off for a weeklong vacation at the start of April. I'll have to leave the hubby at home this time, since it was an opportunity with a narrow window. The hubby likes the long planned vacations. These slightly spontaneous ones are rather hectic for him, but I love them! I love the feeling of being able to take off. I don't even mind the numerous plane jumping (best way to get a cheaper flight at the last minute). Once due to plane technical issues it took me 24 hours (don't count the time zone change) to get from Manila to SF, so everything after that is well not bad.

He'll get his chance to travel since he's planning a trip to the east coast with his brother later this year. I won't be able to attend due to work commitments. And we might take an in state trip in a few months.

But underneath all the excitement and fun stuff, we're still doing the basics underneath it all: the long term planning, the day to day chores, the paying of the bills.

When I was younger I was all about the excitement and neglected other things, but as we move along I found I need both. Have to take care of the little things, and have to have the excitement and trips and such. But it's the little stuff, the small things that sometimes you hate to do, but you gotta get done, makes the big stuff easier to get to and more satisfying to have. When I didn't take care of the small stuff, vacations were more stressful, but now it's not so bad. I know I'm doing what I need to do when I need to do it.

Life is good.

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