Friday, May 30, 2008

Did I mention

Did I mention we got the Wii Fit? Nintendo is onto something. It's so much fun! OK maybe not the push ups. But it certainly makes the yoga workouts more interesting as it provides feedback on where your center of balance is. And I love the ski jump game where I can re-enact the "agony of defeat" from ABC Wide World of Sports safely from the living room.

I've gone at most 45 min but usually go for 30 minutes. I only wish some of the exercises lasted longer than a minute, like I can do several turns in a row rather than have to click through screens. The time bank is cute as it keeps track how long you've played. You really do start to sweat after 30 minutes and don't really realize how tiring it is until you are.

Skiing and snowboarding are alot of fun and I look forward to what other game companies can do with the new device.

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