Thursday, May 01, 2008


Have I mentioned how facebook has a way of sucking you in?

It's kind of crazy as I find myself adding people I haven't seen in ages, it's like looking through the roladex of your life. And even though you don't really hang out with most of them that often facebook is a place to poke them and send them other cordial, cute messages and play silly games like biting vampires or parking cars. For someone like me who loves little things that occupy less than a minute or two of attention span, facebook is a complete time sink where you can also peruse what people are up to.

Not so much for my generation who are in our 30s, but much more so for people in their 20s, you can find just about everyone you may have ever known. For me I can't really expect alot of people to be on facebook necessarily. My generation still knows what actual privacy is.

But one day while I was sick I decided to cruise through the searches and see if I could find people I knew from junior high and even elementary school. I found three people and two of them wrote me back.

One of them is Josh Staub creator of Jubilee Animation and the writer/producer/director/animator of the award winning animated short, The Mantis Parable. I've only known Josh from four square games and tag and I remember we worked on a project together in like 5th grade but I don't know exactly what that was about, but I do remember that even in 5th grade he had a drafting table like serious artists and wasn't just for doodling.

I hope to get a copy of The Mantis Parable soon with a review here soon.

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