Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Though I know I've been doing alot, at times it's almost like I've been doing nothing. And that nothing would include not putting the clothes away and the recyclables piling up.

Am working with someone to revamp our photography website to be flashier. I would go and learn the Flash program myself, but I took a stab at it and realized I couldn't be bothered nor did I really have the time/capacity/interest to really learn it, especially when I have a flash expert in my midst. Who says I'm not learning to delegate?

We have been having yummy food weekends. A pre-mom's day dinner at Sea Salt. Then this past weekend at Downtown (Berkeley), and a spontaneous invite from a soon-to-be-married couple who asked us out to Bay Wolf so they could check it out for their rehearsal dinner. We had never had dinner with them as a couple before, though in the times we had hung out, we got a sense that it would be interesting. And it was in a very positive easy going, close the restaurant down chit-chatting vibe.

What was nice about the dinner, as the bride-to-be put it, was that there was no need for either side to be "careful" as it became clear early on, that none of us were all that sensitive to any off-hand remark anyone put out there, as none of us were easily offended in any kind of way. The conversation was intriguing yet jovial and ran the gambit of all sorts of conversation. Of course about their wedding, but also families and those dynamics, all the way to what nerdy engineers build when they join a fraternity.

Spent mother's day babysitting the nieces while their parents went house hunting. They had been taking the kids with them previously. I'm not sure how they actually managed that. The twins now know the word, "out" and "going out". Funny moment from the weekend. It was time for the twin's naps. Apparently, the routine is that they get their "dede" or bottle of milk. N went to uncle and asked for her dede. Uncle had trouble finding the bottles, which of course made N very stressed. While N continued to ask for her dede, her sister C quietly pressed her finger into N's chest and said, "No dede" to which N would cry even louder. C did this several times, "No dede" with the pointed finger emphasis. Oh, how they learn to push each other's buttons early and often! Uncle finally found the bottles, but uncle was used to making formula and not warming up regular milk, so the twins got water. At this point, N wasn't going to argue about whether it was milk or water. I'm not sure she had the vocabulary to express concern over that, though I'm sure in her mind she was thinking, I need to be more specific about the dede. Afterwards they ended up taking a nap on the living room furniture along with auntie who was wiped out from the morning's kali class.

Work continues to be a learning experience as there is always something: staffing, budget, projects, etc, etc. It's really neverending. But I can't say I was bored yet. Spent today in training on a lecture about positive politics and influence. In the end, is that you're just trying to understand where the other person is coming from. Though, the lecture didn't say much on exactly how to find the patience and time to be more understanding. I guess that's the part we have to figure out.

The day ended well as our mentor enjoyed the case study presentation our group had worked on for 3 weeks. Oh yeah, the instructor reminds us before the presentation, don't stress, it doesn't really matter. Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is just practice. I still don't know if I want my career at Cal to head to upper echelons. Our mentor is rather high on the ladder. I watched how she most graciously made time to sit through our "doesn't really matter" presentation when really she could have occupied herself with many more pressing things happening on the campus today.

To celebrate we went to Jupiter's for a round of drinks. Always, always celebrate your accomplishments.

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