Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Some time during the 5 hour program of Pilipino OURstory 2008, they will be broadcasting a review I did of Eileen's last two books, "The Blind Chatelaine's Keys" and "The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes".

The review is about 5-8 minutes, though I don't know what they will edit it down to for broadcast. In any case, they plan on posting a longer version of the review online as well. My first take was 20 minutes long. What can I say? Eileen's books make one prone to blather! After the initial blather I was able to segment and isolate themes to make it easier on my sound editor.

Will post the online link some time when it's up. But if you're in the Berkeley area 94.1 on Sunday evening 10/26 5p-10p!

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