Tuesday, January 13, 2009

funny moments on TV

I was watching that new show called the Doctors. The one woman on the panel is an OB/GYN.

Two funny things:

1. There was a very nice couple in the audience. The wife looked to be like 7 months pregnant. The OB/GYN talks about how women have the choice between a vaginal or c-section and each has pros and cons. The guys didn't understand why women just don't go vaginal and go c-section if it looks like plan v doesn't work. But the OB/GYN was super adamant that women should be informed and choose as the medical establishment can't really agree on a best way.

And here's the kicker, while the OB/GYN is arguing for choice, she says, "if YOU only knew all the different ways a vaginal birth can go bad, then you wouldn't be saying that!" pan to pregnant woman in the audience with this shocked expression of "OMG how am I going to get this thing out of me?" I mean she had real fear and dread on her face about the idea of giving birth. um, yeah. maybe we should have left the pregnant woman in ignorant bliss. Sometimes we don't need to know what doctor's are thinking.

2. The hubby noticed her eyebrows and the furrows in the OB/GYN doctor's forehead. He, as is his way, became really shockingly distressed about the asymmetry of her eyebrows, because well, messed up eyebrows disturb him. That in and of itself is funny. But then he also became very distressed by the deep furrows which he said almost made her look Klingon-ish. OMG! His hysteria was hysterical! Though this occurrence was not as funny when he pointed out the eye make up of a KQED fundraising spokeswoman that was downright scary and made her eye pop out every time she lifted her eyebrow which was often. But I digress.

Hey sometimes you have to find the entertainment in entertainment.

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