Sunday, February 08, 2009

public service announcement: duets that should never happen

In watching the Grammies, here are some awards missing from the ceremony:

Duets that should not happen or are clear examples that one half of the duet is really not as talented as well they might be.
Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift - Miley totally oversang her part. She should thank Taylor Swift for graciously adjusting
Stevie Wonder and Jonas Bros - um well, yeah, just about anyone next to Stevie might as well look like a bad back up singer

Best intro of a performer:
Craig Fergeson

Most inspiring and dramatic performance and entrance:
Jennifer Hudson - The way her voice came on the stage before we could see her was a testament to her talent

Best backup performances:
all the choirs and string orchestras - can't sound bad with those backing you up. oh yeah and plastic bucket drum corp rocks too; marching band, not so much

Held his own:
Jaime Fox filling in for the Four Tops tribute

Only guy who could get the ENTIRE Staples Pavilion singing along:
Neil Diamond - how can you resist Sweet Caroline, ooh ooh ooh!

Sad that they were an asterisk to the entire show:
lifetime achievement awardees - seemed like the whole night it was like Oh and btw, we gave these people an award

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