Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I have wondered a while whether I would ever reveal on this public blog more details about the journey I find myself on. A path that dramatically changed my perceptions about my identity and my relationships. It has tested me physically, spiritually and mentally. It has made me consider things I would have otherwise taken for granted. It has made me face the darkest sides of myself.

It has taken me 3 years to even get to this point. To write these words. To give voice to something that has frequently brought me to tears that rendered me speechless.

I would come to find it is an experience that is more normal than not, but one that is often experienced in silence, alone, anonymous.

In fact, I have been writing about the experience, just not here where one can attach my name to it, but somewhere else in the ether where I can be nameless. It has helped.

But the writer in me starts to call out, wants to give a voice to the unspoken. I just don't know if I'm ready.

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