Friday, April 25, 2003

Coming up in May, the Muse-Apprentice Guild's Spring Issue is coming out with a couple of pieces of mine. Augie Highland has done a fabulous job establishing a serious literary presence on the web. I really think that cyberspace has really allowed for the proliferation of writing and its distribution.

Here's what Augie has to say about the pieces I sent in:

thank you for your interest in the muse apprentice guild and for sending
me your literary work - you bring everything to your work - intellect,
senses, imaginal material - and you pull this all together into very
tight powerful poetic work - this is exactly what i am looking for -
your material is inimitable - it resists categorization - the first
piece is experimental and the best minimalistic blog i have read - a
commentary on blogging too - the second piece brims with personal and
collective material resulting in multi-meaning and metaphor etherality
and sensuality

But you don't have to wait until May to check out M.A.G., you can check out their winter issue which is online right now. Besides, by the time you get to read through ALL the writers in it, you'll be ready to read the Spring Issue.

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