Sunday, May 04, 2003

The Book Sale this past weekend was the book sale conducted by the Friends of the Alameda Free Library. They had their pre-sale on Friday, the one I attended before watching X2.

Glorious karmic waves continue, while standing in line a woman handed me a coupon to get in free, it was an extra one. Whoo-hoo! $5 more to buy books. And once the doors were open the frenzy began. I almost felt like I was at one of those game shows where you're supposed to grab as many things possible and stuff them into your bag before time was up. These people are serious! I almost got run over.

I filled my arms with translated poems of Lorca and Martinez, Salmon Rushdie's Satanic Verses hard cover, another hard cover of Orson Scott Wells' "Homebody," a book on short stories from China in the 1980s, a book of one act plays (preparing the mind for a possible venture into playwriting), a poetry/prose anthology on women's sensuality, a biography on Garcia Marquez. All these books for a whopping $7! Most books cost less than a buck, at most buck fifty. AND all the proceeds go to the library, to continue the FREE distribution of books. Ya gotta love it!

I know people who go on the last day, fill their bags with romance novels and sci-fi or whatever they're into, then next year they donate them back to the annual sale. Kind of like checking books from the library without any expiration date.

This is the second time I've found myself at a book sale like this. I happened upon the Friends of the SF Public Library sale at Fort Mason last year. That too was a fabulous place. Our libraries continue to be one of our greatest community assets. So if you love books, skip Amazon and head to one of these book sales in your area.

BTW, X2 ROCKED! I don't care what that reviewer in the Chronicle said.

Yeah, yeah, I know you read Winepoetics, and I know you're wonderin' what it's like in Ms. Winepoetics hermit cave in Napa, but you're going to have to wait. All that wine makes one sleepy and slightly incoherent along with a full stomach. Ms. Winepoetics just served you a glass, swirl it around, watch its legs cling long on the side, take a deep sniff, read R.Zamora Linmark's "Rollin' the R's" , write K101 about Disco Saturday nights and then by tomorrow night, when you're ready to take a sip, come back here to get all the textured and subtle aromatic details.

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