Friday, May 02, 2003

Oh it's a dreary but nerdy day. Apple stores are having an event featuring the new Ipod, with free posters and limited edition t-shirts. An elementary school in Alameda is having a pre-view used book sale. And of course, there's X2 playing at my very favorite Grand Lake Theater.

I am not afraid to profess that, yes, I'm a geek. I like computers and technology. I love just about any Sci-fi show. I've both read and watched Dune. I have gone to not one but several Star Trek conventions. I have watched Star Wars so many times I can reenact scenes. But that's because, as one friend puts it, "we're post-modern."

I'm also a Macintosh fan. I do go giddy whenever I see the little Apple icon. It's funny how hard core Windows people react to it. Some posture and tell me to get a "real" machine, that you have to suffer through getting it perfect. My reaction is usually, "why you be hatin'? Windows dominates the world and you get all riled up that I don't have one. Wassup with that?"

Perhaps they are unnerved in the way Apple people LOVE their machines. People hang onto machines that are 10 years old, use them til they die, get every conceivable upgrade, give them cute pet names. I know a woman who recently converted to Mac and now will not buy anything unless it matches her ibook. Mac owners are an ecclectic bunch. At MacWorld this year there was a Hummer2 being given away by a company. And though we were all standing in line to win it, most of us were thinking, "how many computers can we get after we sell this thing?"

I love being a geek.

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