Saturday, September 13, 2003

Do you want the belt or the slipper?

A big karmic tsinelas slappity slap for the folks who stole my car battery. I have one of those old 60s muscle cars, which is why I have a chain and a lock on the hood to keep people from yanking parts out of it. Well, they managed to stretch it up high enough to take the battery out.

Crazy part is that the car, though in the garage, is open and can be seen from the street. They didn't take anything else. For the most part I had been upstairs at the SO's apt hanging out. We even walked to dinner and I still noticed that my car hadn't moved.

A $30 battery. Not even. A used $30 battery. A friend tells me that when a friend of his used to work at the Post Office in West Oakland, that's all guys would do is steal batteries out of cars. WHY?

I'm not so much mad as I am annoyed. Many thanks to Flux and the Watcher for coming out on short notice to head to 24 hr Longs to buy a new cable and lock for the hood and with a ride home. AAA can't do battery work until the next morning, so thought it would be good to replace both lock and chain just incase said hoodlums come back for additional late night shopping.


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