Sunday, September 14, 2003

Karmic slappity slap, part deux

I call up AAA. Apparently, they have a new service, not only can they come and jump start your car, give ya extra gas, etc, but you can buy a brand new battery from them and they'll install it right there and then.

They use the higher grade batteries that have 5 year warranties. It costs a bit more but 1) it beats me figuring out which battery to buy and 2) from having to install it myself. The guy rides up with a truck and all the necessary tools. Otherwise, I would have had to go to Kragen Parts, look at the wall of battery varieties then stare at my car and the battery wondering which side is positive and which side is negative. I do recall from High School Chemistry that mixing these two things is not a good thing.

Suffice it to say, I ended my agony and shelled out the cash for the AAA guy to do it for me. I do know a bit about my car, I don't know a whole lot about my car. Like, I know how to add fluids and check them. I know how to check tire pressure and how to change a tire. I know the different parts. I know from looking at the engine that there was a big gaping whole where the battery used to be. See, I know enough, yet I don't know enough, which is why I'm willing to defer to the expert in the bright yellow truck.

The only thing I had to really do is go down to Kragen and get the thingys that hold the battery in place, kind of like battery seatbelts. You didn't know batteries had seatbelts? Well, now you know. Those were easy enough to install by following the pretty pictures on the back of the packaging.

So, thanks to the SO for reminding me that compared to most things in life this is not so bad and plus karmic cursing the hell out of the folks who did this and my sister for letting me borrow her wheels.

I really try not to curse people that often. I believe most people curse themselves kind of like tripping over their own feet. You reap what you sow. In addition, when things are lost, it opens up new opportunities, like me getting a new battery that AAA will replace for me for close to nothing within the warranty years. But it is a tad difficult getting over the feeling that, "hey, that was mine!" Which brings me back to ask, "what in this world is really 'mine'?"

Frankly, not much. Stuff goes in and out and back again. I exist in this space for a moment, give what I can, receive what I am given.

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