Sunday, November 09, 2003

more pictures

Check out what's cooking in Tatang's Karinderia, pictures from the Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble show from last Wednesday!

Having photographed a lot of dance and doing the straight shot, he's been trying to see photos in a different way. This time playing with motion and letting the shutter linger a bit.

I tend not to like pictures of me, but I do like this one. Yes, yes, that's me, but everything but my waist and the slightest bit of my hand (lower left) are perfectly still while everything else is a whirlwind. I really like photos that are of me, but don't look like me. And really that's all I usually see, perhaps just a hand in full focus or maybe an elbow. If I were to pick a photo that shows what kali FEELS like, I would pick that one. It's like moving like a whirlwind yet still feeling immensely centered and grounded. I wonder if that's what the Tasmanian Devil feels like.

Though Tatang like this one better. He likes the idea of unbalanced yet perfectly balanced. It must be the blur but my fingers look like drooping candles.

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