Monday, September 20, 2004

karma delayed

8am D txts me to ask if it's raining. I look out the window and find the pavement wet but nothing falling from the sky. I reply, nothing here. As soon as that txt message went out, whoosh, whoosh, swirl pour. I txt again, "I lied." I call the rest of the crew to say that the garage sale is cancelled. Of course the rain promptly ends at 9am and the sun comes out. Oh well. Maybe it's a sign.

It ended up being a bit of a relief for some of us. September had been blazing through so it was nice to suddenly have nothing to do. D had leisurely breakfast with the parentals. Some folks slept in. My sister got a chance to go hiking on the ridge. I spent the afternoon with the SO creating a bridal registry at REI and doing other errands. I know I got some much needed rest. A few of us attended last week's kali seminar and were thoroughly still beat from it.

It turns out that in rescheduling the garagesale it may work out for the better. D told me that the church crowds were small and everything was wet, so it might not have been a good weekend anyway. Then we find out that the elementary school across the street is having its annual fair in a couple of weeks, sure to draw a ton of folks our way. Fabulous! Certainly an incentive to really chuck stuff. A few of us are actually acquiring folks from other people. C was visiting some friends and told them about how we have this garage sales to encourage the karmic flow, to which they immediately donated a few boxes from their own garage. They liked the idea of karmic returns.

Often I find life to be about timing. And when things don't quite go as planned, it may be for the better, another chance to be in a better position when opportunity comes your way. Another chance to wait, rest, and watch the sun come out.

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