Thursday, September 30, 2004

oh the blogger gods have been cruel

Apparently, blogger has not been liking my latest posts because they are either not posting due to an error or my wimpy dial-up connection is caving in and freezing my machine. In either case, the posts are dropping tragically into the internet netherworld. Damn, and I thought that post about leaves changing colors and me finally letting go of the stuff in the back of my closet was particularly inspiring. Oh well. You'll have to find out what in the back of my closet by going to our rescheduled garage sale on Sunday:

1112 Chestnut St

If you get bored you can go across the street to the elementary school fair and throw bean bags through plywood with holes to win a plastic prize that will end up in your own garagesale some day.

Hmmm...that last line was a bit snarky. Must be reading too much of Cousin Pat's DOG. Some excellent posts on the Rays and Tigers doubleheader in Florida. Just like being there complete with heckling drunk people and buckets o' ribs. It's hard being a fan during the "fight for the bottom" years. Look at Boston. (yeah yeah, you were contenders once.) I find baseball boring on TV but love it live.

Anyway, I told myself that when we got engaged I would cut my hair. I really only cut my hair every year or so. Cut it, let it grow looooonnng, then cut it again. But specifically I wanted to cut my hair after the engagement as a symbol of beginning anew, changing my face as it were. Then, let it grow out again, cuz everyone is like oh long hair is so nice for the wedding. whatever, it grows straight and fast to the ground as if the earth itself wants to touch it.

I walked into Great Clips at lunch, who no longer sends hair to be donated. So, I asked for Chip, this Asian guy, to put it in a ponytail and lop it off so I could send it myself. My hair is quite thick and fortunately his scissors were quite sharp but you could see the strain in the muscles of his forearms. Hair cuts at places like these are a crap shoot. Once I got this Latina with curly hair who was all confused about how very straight hair should be cut. I couldn't wait to get out of there. Then, at another place, I got this Asian woman who kept "suggesting" things for my hair like highlights and perms when I just wanted it trimmed. She probably wished Asian women did something more to their hair than just grow it long. Chip was nice. He suggested things, but within the parameters of my initial suggestion. Shoulder length instead of a bob. Some texturing to make it more natural. okay, sure.

Getting my hair cut short(er) isn't as traumatizing now as it was the first time I cut it after having it long for forever. I held onto that hair for a while. Usually, I don't get any styling to it, just the straight cut with a bit of shaping. This layered in the front with the feathered ends is about as styled as I've ever had my hair since I was 6 and had that "Dorothy Hamill" cut that every mother gave their daughters.

I'm liking this new do. Though D is a bit distraught that my hair isn't longer than hers anymore. I'm thinking maybe that I won't let my hair grow out as long as I just did (down to my waist). At that length, hair just becomes troublesome: brushing my hair, brushing the carpets so the vacuum doesn't choke. I don't need that much hair. I'm glad I can give to someone who can use it.

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