Sunday, September 19, 2004

Take our junk please!

Sunday September 19
1112 Chestnut St, Alameda

Yes, indeed, having one of our 3-4 garage sales for this year. It's been so crazy that I've been flipping Saturday for Sunday when it truly is Sunday. oh well.

A friend of mine is like, how can you have so many garage sales? And we said, cuz it takes a while before we're ready to let go. It's like peeling layers and there's more stuff in each one. Plus, it's an excuse to chill out on my friend's porch for a day.

The focus of this one will be clothes that we're selling for a buck a bag. You got it all the clothes you can stuff into a bag all for a buck. It should be a hit with the balikbayan packing Filipinos.

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