Wednesday, May 04, 2005

and one and two and three and four

Dang! Looks like I have some catching up to do as Tatang takes an extra Tango class during the week. He's going to try to go Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and maybe a Thursday as well. Have something to do while I teach. I'll try to join him as much as I can on Sunday and Monday at Allegro. I like Allegro, they have these wonderfully large dance floors and they're expanding, plus it's volunteer run by folks who just love ballroom.

The night club two step class on Mondays was fun. Intermediate level so they were just spinning through steps. I like to spin! I have decent enough coordination and muscle memory to hang.

And as Sister Mary learned switching partners every few seconds helps the relationship. Chatted with Mr. Thesis and at their class there was also a group of blind people learning ballroom and he said that one of the better dancers who helped him out was a blind woman with a bit of experience in ballroom. While most of us obsess over watching and seeing the steps and movements that just look like a blur, she must learn first what the dance feels like. hmmm...I'll have to try that next time.

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