Monday, May 23, 2005

MagicSing: rocking to the Pinoy rock of the early 90s

As part of the money financial groups we have been doing, one of the tasks we are given is to reward ourselves for accomplishing our goals. It's a way of forming new habits and tying the things we buy for ourselves to happy memories as opposed to what the marketing gods want you to do which is to buy lots of stuff when you are depressed because their stuff will make you happy. The Fiance met and exceeded his financial goals for last year and had planned to purchase a rifle as his reward, but after drooling over his brother's karaoke microphone, he decided his prize would be a karaoke microphone.

We ended up getting the MagicSing mic with two Tagalog chips, which comes to about 2500 songs. He needed "Anak" and "Dahil Sa Iyo" and I needed Eraserheads "Ang Huling El Bimbo." We could have gone with another brand that the guy was giving a deal on: two mics, 3 chips, but the visuals and sound weren't as nice, plus it was darn hard to get a score above 70. Humph. Part of the reason one gets a karaoke mic is to believe in the illusion of American Idol grandeur or at least be affirmed that we have some sort of rhythm and can read the words to the tempo.

It's a newer model than the ones we've tried before and includes the ability to record yourself while singing (ok, I really don't need that feature), and a way to change the scoring system. The first karaoke mics graded you on how well you could read the words to the tempo, this is amateur setting on the mic. Professional scoring level, the mic grades you on not only tempo but if you are singing it in a reasonable key. The color of the words I believe change to red or blue depending if you are a bit short or flat on the notes. Also includes scoring on the fly which lets you see where the algorithm is deducting or adding to your score. Singer level score you on tempo and if you are able to sing it in the original key! OK, that one is not for me.

It's a little bit harder to score super high on this mic and it still doesn't go to 100 like the fiance's brother's mic but still pretty fun. It's fun watching the Fiance sing, mostly because he never used to sing. He likes to sing all the 1970s Philippine ballads, while I pick up the Pinoy OPM rock from the early 90's: E-heads, Rivermaya, True Faith, and some Jaya.

I tried out the Professional singer scoring for a bit and found that numerous 1980s ballads will allow you to score quite high on it because alot of them are only a handful of notes, the Eurythmics "Here comes the rain again" is one example. I ended the night on a high note, the Stylistics, "Betcha By Golly Wow". 96 What an excellent singer!

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the said...

Indeed there are a lot of pinoys who loves to sing... My family even bought a second magic sing because it is one of the activities that we love to do... it bonds our family and we get to enjoy it with friends too.