Monday, June 27, 2005

Louisiana Fried Chicken

Merritt Bakery has always been a fried chicken staple in Oakland. A few years ago there was Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. There's also another chicken and waffle place in Jack London, but I haven't tried it. The latest add on is Louisiana Fried Chicken in downtown Oakland on Broadway near Grand Ave. Inside a mural of the family home in Louisiana on the left wall.

I had the 3-piece Chicken wings combo with dirty rice, added a piece of fried catfish and switched out the roll for the hotwater corncake. The chicken was nicely crispy, a bit salty, and had a good flavor. Not a strong spiciness at first, but the heat slowly built up. The dirty rice (spicy rice with meat bits) had more heat to it but not as raging hot as I expected. Catfish was really good. You can also get snapper or shrimp. But I really loved the hotwater corncake, which is this dense flat corn disk, slightly sweet, moist, with a delicious texture, certainly worth switching out the regular roll.

Additional sides include: greens, yams, coleslaw, mac and cheese. Dessert includes peach cobbler, sweet potato pie and 7-up cake. Pie was still in the oven and wasn't going to be done for another hour. Hmmm I'll just have to come back to try the rest of them.


Randy said...

Hmmm... another possible exception to my pescatarian ways?

God, Iron Chef is soooooo not helping my non-meat eating side.

Rock said...

I always stop at the Merritt Bakery to pick up pies and cakes for dinner parties. Their cheesecakes are delicious! But the new Albertson's next door is a madhouse.

Gura said...

Hey Randy, they've got fried fish (snapper, catfish, shrimp). And I think I could get full off of greens, cornbred, yams, and mac & cheese. besides, there's peach cobbler!

Rock, that new Albertson's finally opened? that thing is monsterous!

Rona Fernandez said...

Oh my god it's so funny, I googled 'Louisiana Fried Chicken' and your blogpost came up as entry #4! We gotta go to lunch here one of these days, M.

peace, rona