Monday, July 18, 2005

the color of bruises

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7/17 Sunday

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Gura said...
-kali class
-money group seminar
-strapless shirt (need to even out the tan before the wedding)

negative purchase:

-pizza at money group seminar
-soyute from a friend's overly abundant plant
-several new bruises (from kali class)

11:41 PM

EILEEN said...
Gotta be sure those bruises don't clash with the wedding outfit, di ba?

I know alot about bruises and injury, mostly because I've been such a physically active person all my life from basketball to softball to kali and back. So getting bruises doesn't really bother me so much, but with 82 days left, I have to be concerned about my visual appearance. There are going to be PHOTOS people! Oh but part of the art of kali is magic and ways to fool the eye to think.

Now for guys bruises aren't as big of a deal. You see a guy with a big huge bruise and you think this guy is tough, he can defend himself. It doesn't really make you cringe. Besides the Fiance is wearing a long sleeve shirt. I try to be as discrete as I can with my bruises, wear slightly longer sleeves than usual, but I also don't draw attention to them nor do I stand around like I'm constantly hiding them. If people see them, they see them.

I know that depending on the location of the bruises, it takes 3-4 weeks for bruises to heal, bruises on the extremities take a bit longer as do bruises in low blood flow areas like around the knees or bones. Depending on how deep the bruise its color is either reddish or deep purple/blue/black. As it heals it starts to get kind of yellowish in the center with a reddish rim. The yellow is the color of all those white blood cells clearing out the area. It means your body is doing good. If you take extra doses of Vitamin E which is good for the skin, you can cut off a week from the time frame above. If there's swelling, you have to reduce the swelling before any real healing can be done.

Alot of the bruises I get I don't remember getting. Mostly because I don't feel them until my hand touches them or I bump them again. It's just part of the physical activity.

Unfortunately, we scheduled a photoshoot in LA in a couple of weeks. Fortunately, it's a staged photoshoot so the guy can angle me in such a way that they don't show up in the photo. Or I can wear outfits that cover them up. The hard ones to deal with are always on the hands but none right now.

A friend of mine who learned about make up from Drag Queens says consealer to match your skin does the trick. Of course with the tanning season, I'm going to have to buy a range of these things to find the right shade.

For the wedding however, I've had to lay out a few restrictions such as not going to kali for an entire month prior to the wedding and being a bit more careful while I teach my own classes. I guess I could have taken the easy way out and designed a dress that had long sleeves and a neckline up to my chin, but I like to sometimes take the risky road with the essentially strapless dress. I suppose there's always elbow length gloves if I get desperate.


John-Vincent Dempsey Banagan said...

Since I don't know the origins of these bruises, I can only assume, HANKY PANKY!

Gura said...

Lover, fighter, what's the difference? And you want me to believe Tea wore you out from "walking"? lol