Sunday, July 17, 2005

82 days to go

This weekend:

-picked up Something Old, Something Blue
-picked up Rhett's Barong Tagalog

This week:

-meet with the Florist Monday
-call hotel to schedule food tasting
-call church to schedule meeting with the priest
-Saturday go shopping with bridesmaids for dresses
-Sunday cake tasting at Neldam's and Merritt Bakeries

I will be more relieved when the bridesmaids get their dresses. Now I understand why some brides just have the bridesmaid's dresses made the same, but we are far too along this route to do that.

This month:

-Engagement photoshoot in LA

Next month:

-chose the wine/food for hotel
-met with the priest and church organizer
-confirmed cake
-picked up marriage license
-matte signboard
-made flowergirl's wands
-made cord and veil
-made favors
-recruit volunteers for day of celebration
-had bridal shower

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