Saturday, July 16, 2005

found photos

The found photos on Jean's blog reminds me of when we spent the first Sunday of the month at Antiques by the Bay, a huge antiques fair at the old Alameda Navy base.

There were vendors who came with boxes and boxes of photographs and albums. My mother cherishes her photo albums and I wondered how these vendors acquired their photos. Perhaps the people in the albums were only remembered by their owners and no one else. Photos tend to only be important to us when we remember who are in them and where they are from.

Once for a quarter, we purchased one of these photos. A picture of four Filipino children. Two brothers and two sisters dressed in their finest. A studio photo. The sisters had the large butterfly sleeves. The two boys in suits looking very mature though it seemed like they were only 8. On the back, the photo had been sent to their uncle, but there were no other clues to who they were or where they were from.


Okir said...

Does that take place on the first Sunday of every month? I'd like to go some time.

Gura said...

Yup, first Sunday of every month. Entrance fee depends on what time your arrive. The hard core arrive at 5am with flashlights. By 9am, supposedly all the "good stuff" is gone, entrance is $3.